We believe that our Talent Acquisition Scheme is unique to Boom Training.  Our aim is to provide a solution for bringing new talent into organisations where an Apprenticeship isn’t appropriate. Key benefits include:

  • Speed – using the talent acquisition scheme a candidate can achieve a nationally recognised qualification in a much shorter timescale than a full apprenticeship certificate
  • Flexibility – candidates are able to study in their own time as well as during working hours
  • Reduced bureaucracy – the administrative burden is minimal as the arrangement is just between us as training provider and you as employer with no third party requirements


The outcomes

For you the employer, the primary outcome is a new, fully qualified and operational new team member who brings enthusiasm and commitment to the role.

Candidates achieve a nationally recognised qualification.  Wherever possible we use the professional membership bodies to award our qualifications.  Where this is the case, candidates are able to join the professional body when they start their apprenticeship and progress to full membership when they qualify.  This provides them with a range of benefits, including learning materials to support their training and ongoing professional development when they complete their qualification.  This can also be a significant benefit to the employer.  The awarding bodies we use are:

  • The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) for leadership and management
  • The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) for bookkeeping, accounting and payroll


How it works

Getting started is extremely easy – just call 023 8000 4209 or fill out our enquiry form. Our service includes:

  • Advice on roles, job descriptions and person specifications
  • Advertising the vacancy
  • Dealing with applications
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Recommending candidates for the employer to interview
  • Confirming appointment of successful candidate
  • A training plan develop with the employer and the candidate to ensure the needs of both are met
  • Delivery of training using a combination of methods including face-to-face tutorials, workshops and progress reviews
  • Awarding body registration and administration of exams (where relevant)


What it costs

The main cost is the salary of the candidate.  This commitment is likely to be for 8-12 months depending on the qualification being studied.

We charge a flat rate of £300 per month for the duration of the programme.  This includes all of the services outlined above.  The only extra cost might be travel to workshops where these are required (see course information pages for information about this).

The duration of the programme will be agreed with you in advance of a candidate being appointed so you will have absolutely clear information about the total cost of the programme and the price will be fixed at this stage.

Employers are entitled to ask candidates to contribute towards the cost.  In practice we do not expect candidates to be asked to pay fees initially as they are likely to be on a lower salary than fully qualified colleagues whilst they are on programme.  However, employers may wish to consider putting a commitment clause into a candidate’s employment contract which makes provision for a financial contribution from the candidate should they leave the employment within a period of time after completion of the programme.

For more information, please call 023 8000 4209 or fill out our Enquiry Form.