“Apprentices can earn up to 270% more over their lifetime
than university graduates”

(From the report: ‘Productivity and Lifetime Earnings of Apprentices and Graduates’ by Barclays and the Centre for Economic and Business Research, August 2016)

Is an apprenticeship right for me?

Apprenticeships are available to anyone in employment.  Whether you are just leaving school and looking to make your first step into a career or you have already been employed for 30 years and hold a senior position, there is an apprenticeship for you!


The information on this page is aimed at people seeking an employment opportunity that includes an apprenticeship training programme.

If you are already employed and looking for information about training to support your own professional and career development, please follow this link:

Professional Development Courses



Apprenticeships for career kick-start

If you’re just starting out in the world of work, you essentially have three options:

  1. get a job that doesn’t have a training programme attached to it
  2. go to college/university to gain more qualifications
  3. undertake an apprenticeship


What’s the difference?

A job without training


  • Better short-term wage


  • No training or qualifications
  • Less chance of career development
  • Lower long-term salary


  • You want to earn money as soon as you can but don’t want to sacrifice gaining qualifications
  • College or university doesn’t suit your learning style
  • You want to start building your career and gain real-world work experience
  • You want to have real responsibilities in the workplace


  •  Earn a salary while you learn and gain nationally recognised qualifications
  • Real-world work experience that adds genuine value to your CV
  • Work in a real job where you make a genuine contribution to your employer
  • Still have the benefits of student life: Student discount cards
  • Training that links specifically to your role
  • A workplace mentor to help you learn the ropes at work
  • Industry-specific skill set
  • No student loan debt!
  • Paid Holiday


  • developing work skills such as being at work on time every day, appropriately dressed can be challenging for some young people
  • some say less opportunity to make friends as your work colleagues may be a bit older



  • greater choice of subjects
  • More time dedicated to learning


  • Limited and lower quality work experience
  • University fees and long-term debt
  • lower earning potential unless your degree is very specific to a career (e.g. medicine)

Apprenticeship myths debunked!

A Levels are the only valuable qualification out there, and only people with low grades become apprentices

Not true! Almost all our apprentices start at level 3 (equivalent to A levels) and you can study right up to masters degree level in some subjects.


Apprenticeships are for trades people

Not true! All of our apprenticeships are in office-based professions.  You can do apprenticeships in areas such as HR, marketing, accountancy and management.

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