You may well be aware of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that came into effect in May 2018.  This privacy notice is being given to you in order to comply with those regulations. The purpose is to explain:
– What do we mean by personal information/data?
– What data do we collect
– How and why we collect personal information
– What we do with the information we collect
– How you can control what we do with your personal information

We will do this for each of the two main phases of your engagement with us:
– Applying for an Apprenticeship
– Enrolling on an Apprenticeship

Some definitions

– Data Controller – the legal entity that determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal information/data
– Data Processor – the legal entity that processes (e.g. collects or stores it) on behalf of the data controller
– General personal information/data –  information that can identify you as an individual such as name, address, employment history etc.
– Special category/Sensitive personal information/data – this includes things like information about race/ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, Mental health, trade union membership, biometric data or criminal records.

Your rights

The main purpose of the GDPR is to strengthen and protect your rights as an individual.  These include:
– The right to be informed – we have a legal duty to explain to you how we are using your personal information for example by providing you with a Privacy notice like this one
– The right of access – you have the right to request all information we hold about you at any time.
– The right to rectification – you have the right to require us to correct any errors in information we hold about you
– The right to erasure – you can instruct us to delete all/any personal information we hold about you
– The right to restrict processing – you can instruct us how we may or may not use your personal information
– The right to data portability – you can instruct us to provide you with a complete copy of all the information we hold about you (in an easy to use format)
– The right to object – you can complain about any aspect of the way we are processing your personal information
– Rights in relations to automated decision-making and profiling – we must always provide a human point of contact for dealing with queries relating to automated processing.

How do you give us your personal information? What information do we collect and why?

Applying for an Apprenticeship

The usual way to apply for an Apprenticeship is through a Government website called ‘Find an Apprenticeship’ (

The Government department responsible for this website has its own Privacy notice that explains why it is collecting your data.  This document can be found here or by asking our recruitment team (

When we receive your application, We then add to information you have already provided by asking you to send us your CV and answer questions at a telephone interview.  This is so we can give you information, advice and guidance about your career and employment options and so we can match you with suitable vacancies. We will also access your ‘Personal Learning Record’ to confirm your education history and previous qualifications.

Information we collect from applicants includes:
– Name & address
– Phone & email
Date of Birth
– Employment history
– Education history and qualifications
– National Insurance Number
– Contact details of referees
– Hobbies and interests

Enrolling on an apprenticeship

When you enrol on an apprenticeship we are required by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)(part of the Department for Education) to collect a significant amount of personal information about you, including some sensitive personal information.  This is so that:
– The Government can monitor the effectiveness of the use of public funds (apprenticeships are mainly funded by taxpayers!)
– The ESFA can monitor the performance of individual training providers and the impact of the apprenticeship scheme nationally
– Boom Training can design and deliver a training programme that includes all the support you need
– Our legal justification for collecting personal information about you is ‘legitimate business interest’.  In other words we have to collect your personal information in order to provide you with the services and training we provide.  Without this information, we would not be able to function effectively as a training provider.

What we do with your information


We use your personal information for the following purposes:
– To contact you about vacancies (applicants)
– To match you with suitable apprenticeship opportunities
– To provide you with advice and guidance about your career, employment and training options
– To comply with Government/ESFA rules and regulations (enrolled apprentices)
– To analyse our performance e.g.:
– improve operational efficiency and effectiveness
– ensure we attract applications from individuals of all backgrounds regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and ability
– ensure candidates of all backgrounds achieve their qualifications

Storing, archiving, deleting and protecting

We use third parties (other companies) who provide us with storage facilities for our electronic data files and information.  All of these suppliers have updated their policies and procedures to ensure they are compliant with data protection laws and we have signed agreements in place with these organisations to confirm this.  All of our suppliers have security and back-up systems in place that are compliant with UK Government and EU regulations. In other words your information is completely safe and secure.

In some cases we have printed copies of documentation and some of this may contain personal information.  All such documentation is kept in locked file storage at our offices in Southampton to ensure that this is also safe and secure.

If you have applied for an Apprenticeship but do not actually enrol, we will keep your details on file for a period of 6 (six) months.  At the end of this period, your information will be deleted from our electronic storage systems and any printed records will be securely destroyed by a licensed safe disposal company (and paper is recycled).

If you have enrolled on an Apprenticeship, we are required by Government regulations to keep your details on file until 31 December 2030.  After this date your details will be securely destroyed.


We share your information with the ESFA and intermediary funding partners through whom we access ESFA funding.  We may also occasionally be required to share it with Ofsted for quality monitoring purposes.

What we DO NOT do with it

We will NEVER:
– Sell your information to any third party for commercial purposes
– Try to sell you anything
– Contact you about anything not relevant to you enrolling on an Apprenticeship programme

How to control your personal information

The information we hold about you belongs to you.  At any time you can ask us to:
– Send you the personal information we have on file that relates to you
– Ask us to delete your personal information.  We will have to secure permission from the ESFA to do so
– We cannot control the information that has already been passed to third parties. However, we can advise you on how to contact them about your personal information if you need to

How to find about more

If you have any queries about your personal information, please email or call 023 8068 2060.