Why Apprenticeships?

The apprenticeship scheme offers many benefits to employers, for example:

  • Expand your team – Apprentices are a great way to bring young, new talent into your organisation
  • Increase efficiency – 81% of employers report an increase in productivity as a result of taking on an apprentice
  • Increased loyalty – Apprentices are very committed to repaying the support and guidance offered by the employer

Research has shown that almost 80% of employers would recommend the apprenticeship scheme to others.


Key things to note before you start

There are some important requirements to consider before you take on an apprentice.  They include:



The minimum wage for apprentices is currently £3.90 per hour.  However, we encourage you to bear in mind that there are alternatives to an apprenticeship that offer higher salaries and we recommend a minimum of £5 per hour to attract quality candidates.  We also recommend offering small pay increases during the apprenticeship for achievement of key milestones.  This creates an additional performance incentive.


Employment contract

The minimum number of working hours for an apprentice employment contract is 30 per week.  If your apprentice is under 18, the maximum they are allowed to work is 40 hours per week.


The minimum duration for an apprentice contract is 15 months in order take account of the time required for the training programme AND the End Point Assessment.  Many apprenticeships take longer than this – the course information pages provide you with information about the length of each apprenticeship we offer.


The candidate is on a standard employment contract with you the employer and is subject to your standard employment terms and conditions and your policies on things like performance and discipline.  However, we expect employers to take account of the fact that the apprentice may be beginning their first role as an employee and that the employer will undertake a staged disciplinary process before dismissing their apprentice.  We also ask employers to liaise with their tutor to address concerns before doing so.


Support in the workplace

The apprentice will need a mentor in the workplace to provide them with training and support for tasks and procedures specific to your organisation.  Often this is the Line Manager but it can also provide a development opportunity for another member of staff who works closely with the apprentice but doesn’t necessarily have formal line management responsibility for him/her.


The apprentice will need thorough induction training with more detail than you may need to offer a new colleague with previous work experience.  So for example you need to go through clearly things like:

  • Health & Safety
  • Dress code and time-keeping
  • Absence reporting
  • Rules on use of mobile phones and social media at work
  • Grievance and discipline


The tutor will also go through a number of Boom Training policies as part of the apprentice’s induction to their training programme.  This will cover subjects such as Safeguarding and Anti-radicalisation protection.


Fees and charges

Unless the apprenticeship is being paid for from a levy account, the programme is almost entirely funded by the government.  However, there is a mandatory fee of 5% of the value of the programme that must be paid for by the employer (in the case of levy-paying employers, this figure is 10%).  In some cases there may also be additional fees for qualifications and professional body membership.  We may also charge early termination fees in some cases.


A full list of our fees can be found here.


Off-the-Job training

All apprentices have to spend at least 20% of their working time undertaking ‘Off-the-Job training’ (OTJT).  Whilst this may sound a lot, our experience is that it is easy to achieve if planned.  Tutors work with employers while developing the Individual Learning Plan to advise on how this can be achieved and how it should be recorded.


Terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions for providing Apprenticeship Training can be found here.


Getting started

Getting started with Apprenticeships couldn’t be easier. Our service includes:

  • Helping you decide if the scheme is right for your business.
  • A completely free recruitment service
  • A full year of training delivered almost entirely in the workplace by a qualified and committed tutor
  • Regular updates with the apprentices line manager to ensure you are happy with our service


To find out more and ask any questions you may have:

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