Our professional development services offer employers the ideal way to improve productivity and business performance by enhancing the performance of individuals and teams.  We have three main solution types to help with this:



The Apprenticeship scheme can provide training right up to Masters Degree level and is open to anyone of working age right up to 65.  This makes it a fantastic way to use Government funding (or an apprenticeship levy account) to finance a wide range of training programmes.  For the vast majority of employers, the cost is just 5% of the overall training cost with the government providing the other 95%.  We currently offer apprenticeships in the following areas:

  • Office administration
  • Leadership and Management
  • Accounting and payroll.

For a full list of apprenticeships we offer, go here.


To find out more about how the apprenticeship scheme works, go here.


Professional Development Courses

We offer a range of nationally recognised qualifications to support the professional development of existing staff.  Most of these are incorporated into the Apprenticeship programmes referred to above.  However, for many employers (and individuals) the apprenticeship scheme may not be appropriate, so we also offer these qualifications on a commercial, standalone basis.


The primary benefit of selecting this route rather than apprenticeships is flexibility.  Employees can study in their own time and qualifications can be achieved significantly more quickly than you might expect.


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For more information about how this service works, please get in touch using our Enquiry Form or by calling 023 8000 4209.


Bespoke solutions

In some circumstances, the most cost-effective way to address a training need is to implement a bespoke solution. Our Learning and Development consultants can work with you to analyse the need and then develop and deliver a training programme that meets your specific requirements.  For more information on this, please contact us for an initial conversation using the Enquiry Form or by calling 023 8000 4209.  We are happy to provide free and impartial advice.