What’s in store for Apprenticeships?

On the 7th May, the British people surprised the pollsters by voting in a majority conservative Government. But what will this mean for Apprenticeships?

We’ve taken a look at the Conservative Party manifesto to see what the newly-formed government may have in store for apprenticeships over the next five years – and how these proposals might affect young people and employers. Here are the highlights:

More apprenticeship opportunities

Having already secured 2.2 million apprenticeships in the last five years, the Conservative party aim to introduce another 3 million apprenticeships across the UK – giving even more people the opportunity to gain qualifications and work experience whilst earning a wage.

Backing British businesses

The government are in full support of backing British businesses – ensuring Britain is the best place to start up a business. One aim proposed is to help UK businesses to introduce more apprenticeships with independent companies and start-ups, to enable companies to grow new talent or upskill their current employees.

Helping to abolish long-term youth unemployment

The government plan to target long-term youth unemployment with better options for young people leaving school. There are plans to offer better careers advice and routes into work experience and apprenticeships, with apprenticeships providing valuable opportunities for young people to get into work and continue their learning fresh out of school.

Providing quality apprenticeships at degree-level

The government plan to do away with low-level classroom-based Further Education in favour of high-quality apprenticeships which combine training with work experience. More degree apprenticeship opportunities will be rolled out to combine world-class degrees with a world-class apprenticeship!

So there you have it! With more opportunities in more sectors, new levels of qualifications and benefits for both employers and young people – apprenticeships look set to continue to play an important role in the UK jobs market! Employers can look forward to new talent, new skills and a reduction in NIC contributions, while young people can enjoy increased opportunities and the opportunity to study up to degree-level, whilst still earning.

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CV Tips for career success!

A CV is the first impression you make with a prospective employer, and its quality can determine your success. At Boom Training, we look at hundreds of CV’s every week, so here are our tips to make yours stand out.

Keep it simple!

Your employer will not have times to read through a lengthy CV, so a concise, well written CV will be refreshing and stand out. Make sure you get to the point, and delete text that repeats a point you’ve already made. Your inability to keep it short says something about your editing skills more than it says anything about your accomplishments.

Qualify your statements!

This is an easy one; if you’ve made a claim, back it up! Talk about how you have achieved your successes and don’t make general statements. The more examples you use the more professional your CV will be.

Keep it relevant!

List your most relevant experiences and qualifications first. Try and think about what responsibilities you’ve had in the past and talk about how they are relevant to the job you are applying for. This means your CV will be tailored to a specific job! Create a unique CV for every job you apply for. You don’t have to re-write the whole thing, just adapt the details so they’re relevant.

Proof read, proof read, and proof read again!

Spelling and grammar mistakes on a CV makes you look lazy, getting the basics wrong reflects poorly on you. Presentation is everything and silly mistakes will come across as unprofessional.